I'm nevering saying goodbye
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2005-01-30 22:08:08 (UTC)

My friends problems

Dear Diary,

hey sry I haven't wrote in awhile. My computer had to be
worked on, it was giving me problems again. but anyways. My
friend sharon is having problems with her life and doesn't
know what to do. So I thought I would tell you about it.
She wants to leave her husband and get a better life for
her and her son. She wants to find someone better but
doesn't want to get a divorce or leave him bc he might take
her son away. I told her he wouldn't but she doesn't really
listen. I'm trying to help her. but I don't know anymore. I
can't really tell anyone about this bc they don't really
listen to me. I love her so much, she is like my sister to
me. She is almost 21 and has a really bad husband that
treats her like crap. I hope one of these days she realize
that she needs to leave him. Her son is going to grow up
bad if she stays with him. I hope she listens to me when I
talk to her again about this. He won't let her do anything,
go anywhere, she any of her friends. She is a really good
girl. and needs a better life and a better person that will
love her and her son that is almost one. He is a very good
baby. But his father is bad. He doesn't do anything with
the kid except hold him here and there once in awhile. He
doesn't do anything else. He is a really bad father. But if
he leaves him she won't have anywhere to stay. Maybe she
can stay with us for awhile till she gets a job and a place
to stay. but anyways I better let you go now. Bye

love always

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