a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-30 20:07:44 (UTC)


sorry, I disagree with carmen's last diary-entry..i don't
believe that "life just is", i believe theres something far
more greater that we are put on this earth for. i believe
we we were all put on this earth for a life-long plan that
we are suppose to figure you might ask?./.those
are questions YOU have to find out for yourself..YOU have
to figure out who YOU are and why YOU were put on this
earth...what are you tryig to accomplish so that "after-
death" you won't be stuck on this earth....that's why I
think we are put on earth, so after-death we move on with
our "lives" and aren't stuck in our past-life figuring out
why we are still there and not in our next...
well, of course I agree to "life just is" to an
extent, carmen. don't get me wrong, Im not tyrin to prove
you wrong, I'm only saying this because my minds finally
opened to other IS just is, you
can't do anything about that part..but you can change the
way you SEE life, you can change the way you THINK about
life, you can change the way you perceive things about
life..."your eyes see what the mind is willing to
comprehend" ...........what are you going to think about
that quote? well, I can see anything that your
mind wants to see, and in order to do that, you have to set
your mind to wanting to see that....don't listen to other
people who may be trying to stop you from accomplishing
if you really want something to happen, concentrate
on it, don't let peope get in your way or ever tell you
that it's not going to work...that's only leading it to not
work, eventually you believe them...and tht's the end of
your hopes and when people tell you things
that get you off your track, tell them "I don't care what
you say, I'm concentratin on the fact taht I want it, and
I'll get it" theory, you WILL get it...
now,, life in fact, is only what YOU yourself is making
it to be......if your going thru a really hard time,
pain/sadness/loneliness....and your dwelling on the fact
that you have pain/sadness/loneliness, you think of WHY
your going thru that, why YOU deserve that, and why can't
it be someone else....Why are you asking yourself those
questions? Are you trying to "heal" yourself? becuz those
questions sure as hell ain't going to get you anywhere....
This is the part wher you use your mind to help heal
yourself...some people may read this and think iMPOSSIBLE,
but...cope with me........once you actually have a "self-
actualization" about life, you'll realize that you no
longer need the things that you once needed to make you
very happy,'ll realize that you no longer NEED to
go thru this pain/loneliness/sadness.....instead, you only
need yourself....YOU need yourself to move on in life, YOU
need yourself to make YOU happy, your the only person who
knos how to make yourself happy, YOU need yourself to tell
yourself who you are, YOU need yourself to figure out what
you want out of, in any of those did ANYBODY
see me say "you need Him/Her" or "he/she is going to tell
you who YOU are"...? so why do us, human beings, depend
SOOOO much on one another?....when really in fact, those
people are the ones who are CAUSING the pain/loneliness

..........think about it