*.:.* bRoKeN tEaRs *.:.*

ThE lifE aNd bUlL sHiT oF lAuReN
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2005-01-30 20:03:41 (UTC)


Hey guys!!! what up not to much here just chillin at my
cousins!!! were having a lot of fun and we had sooo much
fun last night!!! her parents were gone and we went down to
her bar and had a couple of drinks lol and then we got on
msn and started stripping on her webcam!! wow it was
freaking funny lol any way then we kinda just hung out and
ate food like i always do! lol i LOOOOOVE food!!!! wow im
freaking hyper!!! well g2g
*peAcE oUt!*
Lauren!! love ya'll!

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