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2005-01-30 18:25:49 (UTC)

My Thanks and Ponders

Sometimes in my life I wanna be into someone who is going
to be there for me, could it be that I found what was here
all awhile, he was right in my face, he was from round my
He didn't see me for what I was, but what I could be
I was only in some jeans, sneakers and hoodie.
I ain't even have my stuff together, but he loved me.
Finally I'm gonna see what love should be
I took a minute looked in the mirror and realized
He wasn't at me for my round thighs or my back side,
I'm real low, I got a rough ride,
but he seen something else in my blue eyes
He found my struggle and he knew I was sick of pain
Different men with strange names, the same game
It's a hurtin' thang, Y'all know about it
Bad relationships, can't trust nobody
But he sure got it, Mama I think he the one
He got charm and I didn't even see the arm
For a moment I wan't in this shitty world, so keep your
head up child you are still a pretty girl!!!

Grandmama I wanna thank you for sharing your blessing upon
me, taking time to understand the lady I look to see
This cold world has me numb with pain, like novacain
You use to tuck me in with the bed time story,
Now I'm growing up and you're still there for me,
My shoulder to lean on, you kept my dreams going
And life, it seems to be flowing
I'm always going to be your baby and I can never repay you
for what you gave me...
I love you like none other, You can live your whole life
but you only get one grandmother

You can reach me by railway, you can reach me one an
airplane, but you can also reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, travel across the desert like
an Arab man, I don't care how you get here but get here if
you can
There are hills and mountains between us, always something
to get over, but if I had a way, surely you would be
closer because I need you closer

It's you and me, we have and can make this last. It was
me and you Crystian, sharing those hard times, still in
love with those who had hard lives.
We were and will always be VIP, ducking those who could
never be, using each other as a stepping stone, now grown
We still ask the same questions, who? when? and where?
But lets take a moment to think of the struggling times we
survived on a nickel and dime, it was still you and me
We had the same conversations, talking about girls and
abortions, your hair being braided on porches.
Even if I had all the bread in the world I would give it
up for one shot at you and me.

Since you've been away, I've been down and lonely
Since you've been away, I've been thinking of you
Tell me why does the road turn? You can never travel on a
straight path, always hindered by curves, obstacles and
bumps. I was once told that some folk are sand paper,
they rub you the wrong way, but eventually you will be
smooth and polished. As for them, old and worn out. Me,
I will always be rubbed the wrong way, that is why I am
becoming smooth and polished. Taking on new directions
looking for obstacles to overcome.

I look into a reflection at anytime possilbe, but
sometimes I don't recognize my face. I am realizing
change. Change for the good, change for the bad, it all
happens to us. But do we all take the time to stop and
appreciate those who have helped us get there? I do, but
it doesn't always show. So to those who have got me where
I am today, THANK YOU. You will always have a place in my

Don't take your love from me,
Heaven only knows how much I love you!!!
Heaven knows it's not the way it should be
Heaven knows it's not the way it could be
Don't you know there is no need to leave
Heaven knows I never wanna leave you
Heaven knows I only wanna please you
Heaven only knows how much I love you!!!