My lil life!
2005-01-30 17:22:25 (UTC)

Jan30 First date with Jean

Dear Diary,

The guys invited me for play a game of soccer, but im no
sporting guy. I said nah.. besides I got a date today.

About 7pm I went down to las pinas to meet up with her at
her cuzins place. On our way out to a coffee shop, I noticed
a guys hanging around and later tailing us. He then got into
the same PUJ we entered and kept starring at me.

Turns out that his Jean’s psycho ex, his her stalker and
seemed to be high on something(later learnt it was speed).
Well im not stupid, I knew all what was going on but kept my
cool and avoided any eye contact with the fool. He later got
down and cursed me as he felt hehe.. is that all he got?

We went to get Coffee with her cuzin Janice. Was all good.
She cool. Not the kinda girl I usually date though,
different ‘pacute’ nice. Well I dint get to talk much with
her cuz her cuz was der and we were chating the whole time.
So far it was an OK date.