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2005-01-30 15:31:19 (UTC)

Crazy People At My Window...

I swear i just heard a group of people standing out on the
road screaming and shouting! but the minute i looked out of
the window, it all stopped, and there was no one there!!!
lol thats odd...
Anyways, Richard stayed over last nite! It was the first
time he's bin over to my house! He said he liked it! lol...
I think Alison likes him! she seemed to get on really well
with him, and he seemed to get on well with her... Awwww...
Well stay away biatch! he's mine! lol
Well... what did we do?? Um... ate a pizza, watched legally
blonde (his choice not mine!) lol, then watched queen of the
damned... then slept! lol
I woke up thismornin at about 7am, but actually got up at
9am... Richard was still asleep... i had a fag out of my
window coz i needed one! lol and then did my hair... but as
i was doing it, i forgot that there was a glass of water on
the table next to my bed which i was standing over... and i
knocked it flying! lol it soaked all of my bed, my phone,
all the plugs, my mp3 player and Richard who was underneath
it, asleep on the floor! lol it was very funny!
Errrrm... don't know what else to say now... i'm very tired
for some reason... i don't think i sleep as well when i know
that there is someone else in the room with me... i'm always
on edge or something...
I woke up in the middle of the night coz i heard something
in my room, i was like WTF?! and then realised that it was
Richard asleep on the floor, and id completely forgotten he
was there! lol...
Well i think i've got a cold again now... i think alison
gave it to me! (her fault for coughing on me...)
I really must go and clean my room now! there are random
things all over the floor now... oh well...
tlk 2 u later xxx

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