Deranged Little Girl
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2005-01-30 14:41:30 (UTC)

And you.

And you. With the stupid questions. Why do you ask stupid
questions? Rather, why does your boyfriend ask stupid
questions, and then you feel you need to consult everyone
else for the answer?
"Alisha, why am I so cute?"
You wanna know what I think? Honestly?
While I'm no Sleeping Beauty myself, I still don't think
you are cute. AT ALL.
Don't like the results? I guess that would be too fucking
bad, wouldn't it?
You're far from ugly, but nowhere near cute.
And I'm NOT hot, so stop saying that I am.

And you. Why do you have to be so happy? Why is everyone
so happy?
Why aren't I happy? Why do I have to be Psycho-Angry-Bitch?

And why do you have to get everything you want, and still
be so cheap you can't PAY ATTENTION to anyone even if you
are getting paid for it?
Why do you make me do all of the work, and KNOW that I
need money, and when you see me, still not give me what
you promised?
Why did I have to do your job while you were on the phone
all day or fucking around on the computer, and then let
you get paid for it?
Never again. Next time, do it your damn self.
Why are you so cheap?
Stop asking people for their lunches, and get money from
your freaking dad. YOU KNOW HE'LL GIVE IT TO YOU.

Why does everyone I know have to be such big dumbasses all
of the fucking time? So much so that it makes me want to
commit genocide on the human race?
Why are you all stupid, lazy, stupid, cheap, stupid,
ignorant, and, oh yeah, stupid?