Albus Lupusolus
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2005-01-30 02:58:28 (UTC)

I'm going crazy

I can't believe she hasn't called me yet and her birthday
is coming up. all I want to do is to just have her by my
side and it is driving me even more crazyer than I already
am which is in of itself a great accomplishment. she hasn't
called me in almost 2 weeks and I have absolutely no way of
contacting her. and the icestorm or-what-not sure isn't
helping me feel any better. I'm worried that maybe
something happened to her and all that I am thinking about
is that she hasn't called me just because I have no way of
contacting here and it is ripping me appart. I need to do
something about all the other stuff that is happening at
this moment: soccer, science olympiad, ap us history, ap
phisics, hon precal, latin III, cp junior la, and murals
class. This year I have no stress releving calss. maybe
that is it. I don't know. either way she is more important
to me at this moment but it is still not a good idea to
neglect everything else just because it is not as
important. I should be trying to do everything that I can
possibly do. because now is the best time when I am young,
well at least in body. nothing gets me by suprise anymore
and I still don't know wether that is a good thing or a bad
thing. but one thing is for sure. nothing is going right at
this moment and I am just going to have to make the best
out of it. "When life throws you limons, make limonade." I
forget who said it but it's in my agenda book.

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