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2005-01-30 01:43:01 (UTC)

Just a few thoughts

Some people think they are sweet enought to eat, but
underneath the icing they are all the same!!!
What you get is what you see, especially when it comes to
me. I don't have a feeling for falseness, maybe that is
why I don't speak to you and your crew. Any how onto
positive things, Crystian is doing better than ever. Her
grades have been doing well and life seems to be
fulfilling for her...GO AHEAD GIRL, DO YOUR THING AND
If you put your mind to it, it is and can be possible. So
I have decided to not lose faith in a struggle that comes
forth. I dream of alot, but lately my dreams are more
vivid than others. Maybe it is meant to be. Just
remember no matter who, what, when and where, always
protect your heart. I know it can be the highlight of the
spot, but you always have to think of yourself at some
point. It is not selfish if you think of yourself with
moderation, those who do it all the time can be viewed as
self involved, which can make or break him or her. We are
all beautiful in our own way, some more than others, but
diversity is what we are about or should be about...OK I
am going on and on, sorry, just had to let my thoughts flow