Lucid Scriptures
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2005-01-29 22:49:40 (UTC)

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bah fuck starting to study alchemy. its not even
that interesting anymore. other than that i still have many
feelings of sarrow for my dad. i miss him so much. i hope
he is in a better place. and if some how your reading this
dad i love you very much. i dont know what to do anymore. i
cant think... cant interact with many people and still cant
ignor the fact that you died when i was still just 13. i
just wished i could go fishing with you one time. but i
cant and... oh god i miss you *sob* *sniffel*... i just
wish i could get a hug right now. please come back... i
need you back. if i dont see you again i just might go
insane or worse get hurt, bad.

and if anyone else is reading this yes my dad died
and i still have emotional outbursts of sadness. so fuk u!
and leave me the fuck alone! or im going to fucking kill

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