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2005-01-29 21:19:00 (UTC)

Why won't you let me go. Just let me be.

I hate this town, this body, this life, this place, this
home, and this world. I want to go were there is nobody to
run their mouths or talk their shit. I want to go where
nobody is tring to tell me how to live. Telling me how to
run my life. Telling me what to do every fucking second of
every fucking day. I want to go where I know no one and no
one knows me. My friends think they can help me. Some can
but other have no clue and think they are helping me but
they are not. I just want to bleed to were my whole body
goes numb. I want to bleed till my vision blurs and my
breath slows. I want to bleed till I can't hear everybody
anymore. I know that may sound suicidal or something but
that is what I want. Why can't everybody just let me
bleed. Why are you making me stay in this place I hate so
much. Well I want a say in it. And I say..............