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2005-01-29 20:23:55 (UTC)

*~*n3w y3ar & n3w start*~*

l0rd kn0s dat mah "2004" y3ar was r3ally fuQ3d up. but n0w
it'z a n3w y3ar s0 n0w i g0t a n3w start. i still hav3 da
sam3 crush dat i had in 04 but th3 f33lings ar3 much much
much m0r3 str0ng3r d3n d3y was in 04. n0t 0nly d0 i hav3 a
crush 0n h3r but i lik3 s0m30n3 3ls3 t00. s0 n0w i'm just
staying k00l with wh0 i b3 with. cuz i d0nt n33d n0 kiddy
gam3s 0r h3artbr3aks. but 3v3ry0n3 kn0 h0w i d0 i'm dat
r3al f3mm3 l00kin f0r dat r3al stud n i can't wait t0 hav3
a r3al stud. but anyways. al0t 0f bullshyt has alr3ady
happ3nd n 05. i hav3 l0st mah b3st fri3nd. l3t m3 say m3 n
br00k3 b33n b3st fri3nds sinc3 5th grad3. n0w 3v3rythings
fuQ-n chang3d. but h3y mayb3 it was f0r da b3st! l0l. sh3
was kinda a pain in mah a55. n sh3 did sl33p ar0und al0t.
but l3t m3 n0t bust h3r a55 0ut. but 0tha d3n dat y3ah.
i'm b0uts t0 b3 18 in august. [i kn0 y0u wanna g3t m3
s0m3thing s3xy n cut3] i'm still trying t0 mak3 it in
sch00l. i hat3 sch00l s0 bad. [fr0wn] but dis y3ar i hav3
th0ught ab0ut s0m3 new shyt dats b0uts t0 p0p 0ff. 0n3 i'm
g0ing t0 tak3 mah tim3 and d0 mah sch00l w0rk. tw0 i'm
g0ing t0 wait 0n dat r3al stud t0 c0m3 sc00p m3 up. thr33
i'm g0ing t0 try and n0t fight with mah m0m 0r 0tha
family. f0ur i g0tta kn0ck 0ff s0m3 thickn3ss. [sista is
thick n3v3a fat but mayb3 phat] fiv3 i'm g0ing t0 st0p
b3ing s0 m3an t0 d3m h03s 0n blackplan3t. l0l. als0 i'm
g0ing t0 l3t what happ3nd in da past stay in th3 past. all
mah ex's and shyt. i'm n0t g0nna g3t all mad wh3n h03s
talk shyt and bump d3y gumz. i'mma d0 m3 and mak3 sur3 i'm
happy. but y0 dats all f0r n0w. s0 h0lla at m3 i'm 0ut...

p/s: mah h0mi3 ch3vi..thanks f0r h3lping m3 g3t