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2005-01-29 18:18:20 (UTC)

Work etc.

Oh, well today was good fun i suppose... i've been at work
since... errrm... 9am and worked till 5:30pm! lol but it was
actually good fun!
There's this woman there called Lisa, and she's great fun!
the first thing she got us to do, was all go outside to the
play area bit (i work in a garden center btw) and polish the
slide, and all slide down it! lol it was great fun! then we
just played on the swings, had a few fags, and went back in,
and pretended we were doing some work... there were only 4
members of staff in today for whatever reason... so that was
Richard is comin over to stay the night 2nite! which should
be good fun!
We went out to the Twist last nite, and i got so pissed...
we went to this Bar place called Picassos, and spent about
3hrs in there drinking solidly! lol i spent like £40 on
drink last nite!!! i was so pissed! and ended up sitting
outside the twist and throwing up all this blue water...
then i went back in and was fine! lol
Well... thats it i suppose...

tlk 2 u later xxx