Darkness, Shadow....Hope
2005-01-29 18:04:21 (UTC)

Crazy Dreams : Act 1, Scene 1

Well I had a dream 3 days ago. I was in a town(not sure
where) and there were dead people everywhere. I was in a
store with my friend B getting some food. Then we went
outside to meet our other friends. There where about 5 of
them, and Cody was the only one i could recognize. Then all
these dead people got up and started chasing us, so we went
in to this really tall building and took the elevator all
the way up to the roof. then the dead people started coming
on to the roof through the stairs and the elevator. So we
climbed on to this 8-foot addition on the roof. But Cody
stayed down on the roof with his back to the dead people,
then out of no where when they were right at his back he
started doing this crazy ninja shit and killing them...then
i woke up.

January 29, 2005