Her boy

Her boy
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2005-01-29 14:18:58 (UTC)

checking in

Good morning,

Thank you for continuing to leave Me messages...and yes I
remember you telling Me about your family visiting from
italy..how long will they be here? I could only imagine how
awesome it must be to have them here! I hope you are
enjoying their stay.....

I hope you are ok at school today and that you are rested
enough to work tonight....please take it easy and take it
slow one thing at a time.

I am glad I am still on your mind,,it shows as you write to
Me and for that you will be rewarded ;)

I didnt say anything on the computer except for the usual
there you are.....when in fact you werent there :( I do
miss you...

well off to get My nails done and shop for a gift tomorrow
is My mother in laws bday....stay warm
and know
that you are on My mind non stop

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