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2005-01-29 14:10:29 (UTC)

i think i am the most happyest girl in the world

last nite was the best nite i think i ever had...acually i
think i am in love. sorry i am so happy i cant think
stright so let me start out when i met tyler
i think i was 2 months ago when i met him. i was upset
and went to the advice chat rooms on yahoo. i was upset
about what happened that day or something. some one imed
me so we began to talk about my problems and stuff. when i
had to get off line i added him to my buddy list. in a
weeks time (or i think iit was a week) we started talking
and to get to know each other. well soon enough i felt my
self falling for some one i haven't even met. but i didnt
care. i started to trust him because he was some i could
talk to. well my friend and i were all online last night.
me, allison, HIM, jenni, and of course tyler. so i invited
all of then to a chat room so we all could talk. so later
into the covo he type his cell nuber and tols us if ne one
want to call him to go ahead. so i did. we were on the
phone for like an hour i think. i was so happy when i gto
off the phone. when i he answer i told him i never have
done this b4( call some one i met online). so i guess ill
sign iff untill next time
if any of you are reading this pleasse tell me
i think i am in l_ _ _!!!!

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