My Journey
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2005-01-29 06:26:06 (UTC)

This is the Road II

The picture of the week is shot on the same stretch of road
as last week, except it’s little further down.

This is the road to our neighborhood. To some, this is just
another road. A road which carries no special significance.
To me, it is the road I traversed, through good time, in
hard time, and even when nightmare descended, that would
come to test my patience and strength.

This is the road I passed by everyday since moving to this
neighborhood. It served as the passage between the quiet,
simplicity of our suburban life and the glamour,
sophistication of the outside world. It’s the pathway that
offered great promise of hopes and dreams that gave me the
longing every morning as I left my house. But when the last
glimmer of hope vanished, this road became the longest
strech of road that seemed to lead to nowhere.

To this day, it still resonates my deepest feeling.