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2005-01-29 05:46:18 (UTC)

What i really want to say i can't define...

AAARRRGGG!! Jaimie got courtwarming queen- Fucking Dyke!
i can't wait for 10 years down the road when she's living
in a trailor park and i'm a Fucking rock star... i hope my
face is everywhere so that she can't avoid my presence...
so that i'm constently there to remind her that she's
nothing... Amanda was torn up about not getting queen so
we left right after half time and went to eat... i felt
kinda bad b/c i got Drew and Matt the dj job for the after
the game dance, and then i didn't stay for it, but amanda
needed me and i wasn't going to ask her to stay and watch
the dyke prance around with her damn plastic crown on.
especially after all she did for me today. after we ate we
kinda crused around and talked- and rocked out to
manson :D it was too funny.... Amanda's this 120lb 5'9
barbie doll that is all about rap and she's rockin' out to
manson with me! it's so weird that we're so close. i'm a
natural blonde but i dyed my hair black but left some
blonde streaks in it, i've got my lip pierced and i'm
usually rockin jeans and a band T, and then there's amanda
the super model by my side:P i love it we're such the odd
couple.... but that's good too b/c we never go after the
same guys, she's always into these heavily muscled guys
with short spikey hair and abercrombie clothes and i'm all
about the dirty punk guys that have long greasy hair and
baggy dirty ass clothes- ahh- think bert mcreaken/ billie
joe armstrong (in his early days) oh! and jet black hair-
ahh love it! or dirty-blonde long hair- think Kurt Cobain-
hottest man ever to grace this planet. and you gotta have
a tattoo and some crazy piercing- gauged- yeah that's my
kinda man! if amanda ever saw anyone like that she'd
probably call the cops b/c she'd think she was going to
get robbed, but i'd probaly freak if an abercrombie boy
approached me :S speaking of the perfect man, i've been
thinking of adam- obsessivly- lately. i talk to anna (his
ex) and she told me that he new bf gave her a promise
ring! it's so f'd up. Anna's like my lil sis and this
cracked out freak has totally warped her. i don't know
what to do, i just gave her a hug when she told me about
the ring, i can't be a bitch about the siruation like i'd
like to b/c because then if anything ever happened to her
with him she wouldn't call me or tell me about it so that
i could help her out. i don't think that i could bear to
have her go to someone else. i just really don't trust
this guy, i'm afarid that he's gonna be mean to her or
something. i don't know maybe i'm just being over
protective but god damn it i'm an aquarius and i DO have a
sixth sense! speaking of that i'm going to be 18 in about
20min! oh, so i'm not getting a tattoo tommorow, i'm
waiting to get it next week, and no i'm not chickening
out. kel talked me into waiting so that we can go clubbing
pain free tommorow:) i thought that she made a pretty good
point so... we're waiting and this way amanda can come too
since she's got to work this weekend. i hope we can find
some punk ass, back of the alley, garage band club b/c i'm
not all about the whole rap thing. oh well either way i'll
have a blast. OOOOOooooo.. Sublime just came on the radio
and i can't resist a sublime song... tell later on..

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