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2005-01-29 02:24:55 (UTC)

Good Day

Today was one of those days where numerous things went
wrong but you wouldnt change it for the world. It started
off on a bad note with my mom asking me if I had lost more if I wasnt already nervous and anxious getting
to compete today. I got to the barn and there my love
Woody was waiting for me to come and kiss him. Bonnie ls
letting me show him this weekend which absolutely thrills
me. No better way to get back into the swing of things
with my old man. Anyways...I rode him today and he tried
to runaway with me, which is not something most 17 year
old horses do. It would have bothered most people but I
thought it was the greatest thing ever. Kinda made me
feel like he was young again and would be around forever.
I then got to ride Ren today and found out that he should
be able to compete in 6 weeks. I actually showed BoBo
today in the 40 mile per hour winds and rain storm. I
rode my ass off and he tried so hard and we got pretty
good scores...there was something like 44 horses competing
against me today and we finished 11. That result would
have bothered me if I was on Ren, but all the people that
beat me were unbelievable.

I guess today really taught me a lot about myself. When
Ren got hurt I kept saying that riding wasnt fun without
winning. I think that must have been my anger speaking.
Yes its nice to win and have that feeling of being better
than other people, but BoBo is just as good and when he
wins it makes me feel like I actually accomplished
something instead of just sitting on a horse and letting
him work. If anything this whole experience with Ren has
given me a great deal more confidence. I now know that I
am capable of doing well and being very sucessful without
a super fancy horse. I do miss Ren a great deal because
he is so much fun, but if he and all my other horses were
to get hurt and never be able to compete again I would
still love riding just as much. Just being able to be
with them would be fine...I dont even need to ride them.
Each one of them has such a distinct personality and each
one of them absolutely adores me, which is the greatest
feeling. I didnt finish riding tonight until 5 which
meant I got to take a sunset walk on BoBo. I know it
sounds cheesy but it really reminded me how much I love my
horses and love riding and how my life will not be the
same when I have to stop. Today I was truly happy, which
is something I wish I felt everyday. I could have stayed
at the barn all night with my boys and been totally
content. All in all today was a great day in which I
learned a lot about what makes me tick and reminded me how
much I love my boys.

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