a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-29 01:28:01 (UTC)


man stacey just gets more and more stupid by the minute..I
fucking hate her and I can not wait until those chicks
fuck her up...everyone wants to rip her stupid bandana
under the hat thing off of her face becuz SHE IS NOT
BLACK!!! like wtf!!!...i saw her and jesse in town today,
they didn't see me, but i saw them, and ..i didn't
breakout crying like i did last time,, to tell you the
truth, it didn't really even hurt...i just wanted to see
them an di wanted them to see me, but i was in mallards
doing my skii shit...and i saw charlie dustin and westin
and..whoever else..dustin was holdin a big blue plastic
bong I think, it was pretty dope....kali gave stacey a
deerty look today and stacey was like "waht the fuck was
that for?" and started goin off on kali and then kali just
blew her lid, just from all the anger building up becuz
of stacey and just went off on her and then stacey said
she was gonna go home and all this shit...prolly "sick"
even tho she was on baker doin her normal thing...
anyways...i have nothing more to say...p'ce

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