Why Me??????
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2005-01-29 01:18:14 (UTC)

**SOMETHING FUN............................FINALLY******

Im about to go do SOMETHING FUN for a change. I havent
actually did anything fun for ilke SIX years ago. Naw, Im
just playing but yeah I am about to go to the movies with
my sister and two brothers. We are going to have a lot of
fun. I dont really kick it wiht them like I should. They
are about to be my brothers so I guess I can start
spending time wiht them. You feel me!!!!!!!!!!!!! But um
yeah just wanted to let you know. And about that girl that
i thought liked my baby, its nothing cuz I was thinking
about it and its not that serious anymore. If they want
each other then they can have each other. But let me go
cuz Im about to leave.