Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-01-28 22:53:25 (UTC)

Free money

I have a lot to do this weekend. My parents are coming up
on Saturday to bring me some clothes for the LA trip, I'm
doing something I shouldn't do tonight. I should be
touching up on memorization and details for the program for
LA, writing an explication of some sonnet, finding
something to use for my midterm paper for English, reading
pages upon pages on the religion of Buddhism, reading about
various critical theories in Literature, not to mention my
speech homework. This is mainly becuase of the school I'm
going to miss. It will all be ok. I hungry. I think I'll
go eat some supper here in a minute. Alicia's working so
I'll have some company. It wouldn't hurt if I washed those
mac n' cheese dishes either. Gosh, Whit must think I'm a
terrible roomate. The idea has crossed my mind to major in
a language or linguitics or humanities with a focus in
music history and one of the previous in addition to
history. I dunno. I'm glad i haven't technically declared
English yet. Jon looks handsome today. I'm glad we're
dating again. I don't want to become a problem though.
You have to let me know what I do that bothers you. I'm
going to do my best not to bother you, but rather let you
pursue me, that way I know I won't crowd you. Aww, you're
talking to friends on the internet. You look so happy. I
hope you'll stay that way. I've had kind of a productive
day, I got some money from the Bursar's office and uh well,
I guess that's all I did. My speech went terribly,
although everyone told me I did a good job. To me, the
speech seemed frantic, rushed, and unconfident. (if that's
even a word) I have a big problem saying ummmmmm. I won't
procrastinate as long next time. Lesson learned.

Final thought: There are places I remember all my life
though some have changed some forever not for better and
some have gone and some remain. All these places have
their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall.
Some are dead and some are living, but in my life, I loved
them all.