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2005-01-28 21:19:56 (UTC)

Do you MIND???

Amazing, we can put a man on the moon, disect the smallest
thing in existence, and blow up the universe at the push of
the button, but we (humans) have no freaking idea of how
the brain works.

Isn't that great? Thought so.

They say that a human only uses less than 10% of their
brain. Then why do we have the other 90%? I've even seen
documentaries on people whose brain has been eaten away by
a disease, yet, because they still have that 10% or so
left, they function normally like any other person.

So what is the rest for? Personally, I think that we
aren't evolved enough to use the other percentage. When we
are, which won't happen for another trillion years, we
probably would be able to do crazy "movie-like" things,
like telepathy and telekenisis (i think thats how you spell

I saw a movie awhile ago, and it had a pretty good idea
about the human species and others as well. Can't remember
though if it was called Red Planet or Mission to Mars.
They both are about mars, but one is about a science
experiement to create an atmosphere on mars and then their
stupid robot goes crazy and kills everyone. The other,
then one I am referring to, is when a group goes to mars
and discovers this big rock like structure. They manage to
open it up after transmitting a sequence of code resembling
an assembled dna structure into this rock, and of course,
they go inside.

They meet an alien, who offers them dinner and gold.
LOL, no, not really. They do meet an alien, who is almost
transparent, tall, has a big head, but looks very human.
Then the room darkens and a hologram of the solar system
appears around the group. A small story unfolds infront of
them, billions of years in the past. Mars is populated
with these species (aliens) but for some reason, they
evacuate the planet and enter into deep space to find
another planet to live. The last ship to leave mars (which
looks like earth in this hologram) is "implanted" with a
dna sequence and takes off, but heads towards the third
planet (earth), and crashes into the sea. Over time, this
dna strand creates life and what have you.

Basically, we are descendants of aliens. COOL
Doesn't explain much, but does give an idea as to why we
can't use our full brain. Wonder what life would be when
we could use our entire brain. We'd all eb geniouses, able
to process and compute things faster than computers (of
today's age anyways). And we will all be fat asses too,
because we will move thigns with our minds instead of
actually using energy.

Which unreels another question. Those few who are mentally
retarded, as they have so been classified by the those
greater and different from them, are they less developed
than us (the so called normal), or are they more developed
than us, able to think and see things we can't comprehend.
It is because they are different from "the norm" that they
are seen differently, but what if we, the "norms" are the
retards? What if we are the ones that are behind, unable to
compute or comprehend what they see?

Kinda makes you think....no pun intended.