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2005-01-28 18:17:59 (UTC)


Hye this is a diary of a normal girl. A gurl who isnt sure
of herself yet. I am musical i sing play acoustic guitar
and the alto saxaphone. I ve got a kinda boring life but
still searching for my happiness. Im not a punk or a
druggie or a slut or a preppy. Just me.So here we go.

Hey im a gurl in grade 9 well ive got some issues. Ive had
a best friend scince grade 6 and we were great together.
Then she cut herself. Which was a big deal, then she became
bulimec. I t was scary and i was angry becasue she didnt
tell me any of this stuff, i found out from other people.
That all ended but then she got drunk wiht this gurl who
she knew for like 4 days. And then she started dating her
brothers best friend and this stuff is unusual for us. When
we entered highschool we werer lik we will not seperate.
Now its january and we dont talk to each other. She hasnt
called me for a month and i told her that bugged me and hmm
nothing helped. She also hangs out with a major druggie and
has gotten into that. Well me and my other really good
friend have decided not to botheer to talk about her and
waste our time on her. So thats over.

NOW FOR THE BOYZ. Well theres this boy who is punkyy and
hot and amazing. Hes french and plays trumpet, guitar,
piano and composes his own music. I really want him to like
me or us to be friends becasue i honestly think hes amazing
but hes a BIT of a flirt. so i can never tell when hes
flirting or hes into me so ive just stopped caring. But hes
always in the corner of my eye.

Im an only child so it gets lonely but ya i get a long with
my family and my friends. so got anything to help me wiht

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