Journal of Ranting
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2005-01-28 18:15:15 (UTC)

no topic

heh i don't really have a topic and then damn yesterday was
so fucked up. i was at work and almost crying and then at
break i started to cry, i went upstairs and i wanted
someone to talk to and they didn't let my boyfriend talk to
me (my boyfriend works at my work) and then i bet they
didn't let him talk to me because he is my boyfriend. if he
was my friend yeah they would let him talk to me and then
on another note my ex wants this sn, i told him he knows it
and then i told him to figure it out. i really hope he
dosn't figure it out. Gah i hope saturday works out and
crap and stuff. i really can't write right now

to the special someone
i love you

grr next entry will be about somethings in school and about
my friends