a little piece of me
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2005-01-28 17:14:22 (UTC)


i haven't been on in a while again. thought i would run
through a quick update. things are on the up and up.
just started an ira yesterday. way to go for us--planning
for the future. also, tuesday, i have an appointment with
the head of the art department at a nearby college. i'm
going to see about getting back into school. i'm really
excited! i think this may be the thing i was supposed to
do in the first place. i keep hearing my design teacher's
comment...''are you sure there's no career in art for
you?" maybe if i had listened to him nearly five years
ago i would be happily working in a jewelry shop or
have my own business by now. that's ok, that will be
taken care of soon.

also, talked to tessa yesterday. she told me she quit
the pet store because of kats management. she said
the birds weren't being taken care of like they were
when i was there. that's probably because kat spends
all her time with her nose up mark's ass instead of
doing her job. i really did like that job. i guess i would
never be looking back to school though if that whole
mess hadn't happened.

well must get going. gotta get turtles lunch finished.


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