Cleaning the Attic
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2005-01-28 17:07:08 (UTC)

a few cookies, a little seafood

Try as I may, I cannot shake the weariness which has fallen
over me. It’s heavy and resists all my attempts to push it
off. I had a generous amount of sleep last night, yet my
eyes droop like a houndog’s and my yawns are wide and
uncompromising. It’s days like this one goes with the flow,
enjoying the simplest of pleasures.

As I speak, my granddaughter sits within the ring of a
hoolahoop, as she snacks on Oreo-type cookies, licking the
fluffy white cushion from the middle and tossing the cast-
off cookie to the canines who sit drooling patiently beside

Last evening was terrific. Julie, Nacho, Mia and I enjoyed
the nicest meal at the 2nd St. Emporium. The kids splurged
and left $51 on the table while I kept mine to a minimal
$15.00 plus tip. Not bad at all for a cooked-to-perfection
seafood medley with all the fixins. It’s not something we
can do every night or even every week, but it's nice when
it all works together--appetite, good company and money.

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