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2005-01-28 16:03:35 (UTC)

Depression... Why Me???

Life really sucks... I am really not in a good mood and i
dont know why... I cant take life anymore.. I want to get
out of this world.. I have no reason to live at all... I
really dont... What is there in this god forsaken world...
NOTHING... THats the point why stay around if there is
nothing for me or i am going no where... I dont know
anymore i just want out... I ruined things with me and
Holly we were really good friends she was actually one of
my best friends and i think i ruined that cause we never
talk as much as we did and i dont know anymore I HATE MY
LIFE...I WANT TO DIE... Get it over and done with
please... Sometimes i wonder about me and i just think
that i shouldnt have been born... No one wants me here..
NO ONE... my ex likes one of my best friends... I am
dating Daryl and i happy about that but then again i dont
deserve him at all... I Just want my life
OVER...OVER...OVER... OVER... Well yeah i dont wnat to
write more cause i will end up crying....

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