Life in the wrestling business
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2005-01-28 13:59:06 (UTC)


Hiya every1

I dont know whether this is good or bad. My bf whos a
wrestler was wrestling the other day, and he was wrestling
this really nice man. I couldnt help but not look and him.
I was in the changing room just staring at him. Its not
that he was good looking he was just so nice and happy.
After the show we went to get some food with him and a few
other people. I sat down and he sat right in front of me.
My bf sat next to me. We kept looking at each other. Then
we went back to someones house. Everyone went downstairs
except me and him. I really badly wanted to tell him how i
felt but i couldnt. I just laid on the bed looking at him.
His now gone back to Germany and i'm not going to see him
for 2 months. I cant stop thinking about him. My bf found
out that i like him and we nearly broke up over it. I dont
know what i'm going to do when i see this man, i think
that i want to be with him. Also his gf comming over with
him next time. But i've got a couple of months to think
about what i'm going to do.

Cya x

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