K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
2005-01-28 08:25:24 (UTC)

Damn it! I'm so manipulative....

If I didn't know me I would slap myself and call myself a
manipulative bitch.But I'm so fuckin dope I can't help but
be proud of myself.GO ME!GO ME! So Larry is talkin to me
about how I've got him twisted up and how he cares for me
and what not, but that he's afraid of me.Then I go, I'm
not gonna hurt you, when have I ever? why don't you trust
me, when I say that I care for you? Just layin on thick
and nasty.Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls bear
witness as K Tru brings another one to his knees, with her
Okay so I'm a little cocky right now but I just have to
marvel at how guys are so drawn and captivated as long as
you can walk and talk a good game. I definitely got the
mouthpiece, and I've always kept the body tight for
myself. (5'5" 115lbs brown eyes, smile like the sun rise)
I'd like to thank my mom for the excelent genes, oh and i
wanna thank my grandma for my dimples....oh and I can't
forget my aunt, I've wathced and learned from one of the
best lady pimp that I know.
If only I could snag a guy that I really like, then I
would hang up my "get em girl" clothes and be wild for my
one and only. That's right I have a sensitive side tonight
as well. The truth is that I only want one, and I haven't
found him yet so I'll play until I do.I hope I don't
destroy Larry in the process though, I talk a lot of shit
but I really do care about him and would feel shitty about
having to be the one that hurt him after so many have shit
on him.
I hear that Karma is a mutha fucka though, and if so it
will probably come back to kick the shit out me. I can't
help it though...ask almost any woman, especially a young
hot one and they will tell you that being persued is one
of the best feelings in the world...right up there with
getting paid and/or having good sex...ohh!or getting your
pussy eaten! Ladies if you haven't had it done, don't
deprive yourself!Don't know how to ask your fella? While
ur kissing whisper in his ear that you want him to lick
your lips (your LOWER lips). Then seductively suck on his
finger and put that same finger on your puss, let him feel
how wet you are and he won't deny ya...I guarantee it or
your money back! Damn, I am manipulative, oh well.