~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-01-28 07:41:50 (UTC)

life is good~~~

today has been one of the best relaxing days in my
life.... woke up at 7ish to wake Ken up for his first day
of work but he was already up...... went back to sleep
afterwards until 11am. had a facial appt at 1:30pm and got
6 of my moles taken off... heheehe laser hurts! ah yee
came over to my house so i decided to go to mall with
her.... since we were both broke, we just window-shopped.
went out to dinner with Eddie and Ken and we had a good
time....... Eddie brought me to his office afterwards and
this is where i am writing my diary now.......heheee i
cant think anymore........ gtg. night night guys