2005-01-28 05:34:59 (UTC)


Sorry I didnt write anything yesterday but I'll get you all
caught up. Yesterday was alright...slept in because it was
my day off woke up played some Resident Evil 4 (that game
rocks hard!) and then my cousin came over and we put new
brakes on my car...well come to find out the jackass who
did it before us tightened them sooo much that he bent the
rods so when we tried to put them back in it stripped the
calliburt(sp?) So i had to buy a new one today and i put it
on...well also today I got a date with this chick I work
with daughter and it was alright n stuff but i think she
lied about her age...so yea lol i dont think im gonna go
back out with her...sound kinda shallow? but i swear she
looked like she was 14 er sumthing...lol i dont i dont know
what im gonna tell her mom 2morrow...ill probably just tell
her shes not my type...anyways we meet at this place called
Ginny's in Barnhart so since i was in the neighborhood i
drove past krista's house...sound kinda stalkerish? i
dunno...got me thinking about how much i liked her and
stuff and just never had the guts to tell her...eh i was
thinking about e-mailing her but im afraid she will put it
up on her website or something and say something
like, "hahaha that fucker is just crying his little eyes
out without me..." or something along those lines...i dont
know...anyways i think im gonna get high and sit in the
st.louis chat room on aol and see what i can start...or

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