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2005-01-28 04:45:11 (UTC)

My First Entry

Well.... my life is so confusing... i absolutely love levi
and he wont even talk to me. i just wish i could take back
ever breaking up with him so that he wouldn't hate me...
well i dont kno that he actually hates me but he hasnt
called in 3 weeks so that is what i assume. this sucks i
spend almost every day thinking about him and he wont even
call. i wont call him for the simple reason that his mom
hates me prob. because i have dumped her son 3 times. but
we agreed that we would be friends and he wont call what
the hell is up with that?? he is the one who called me
crying 3 days after we broke up crying because i hadnt
called.. isnt it my turn to call and bitch at him??? i
dont kno i mean if we were friends then i would just start
to like him again and that would be total chaos....
anyways i think i like greg or joey and i hope one of them
likes me so i can get over levi... OH and i have to decide
which highschool i want to go to and i have no idea i
really want to go to richardson but everyone thinks it is
just because of harrison(the guy i have liked since 7th
grade but dont have a chance with because im not easy...)
and it is not.. my dad went there greg is going there, but
they dont have a golf team and i really want to do golf...
but at pearce there will be my friends and golf. but i
hate pearce it is full of preps who i have despised since
7th grade oh no i dont know what to do...