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2005-01-28 03:54:13 (UTC)

Our Dream.... by Sal

I would that I were again a child
A child like you sweet and pure,
That we might be free and wild
In our consciousness obscure;
That we might play fantastic games
Under trees silent and shady,
That we might have fairy-tale names,
You'd be a Lord and I'd be the Lady.

And all were a strong ignorance
And a healthy want of Thought,
And many a prank, many a dance
Our unresting feet had wrought:
And I would act well a clown's part
To your childish laughter winning
And you'd call me your sweetheart
And the name would have no meaning.

Or sitting close we each other would move
With tales that now gone, are sad:
We'd have no sex, would feel no love,
Good without fighting the bad.
And a flower would be our Life's delight
And a nutshell boat our Treasure;
We'd lock it in a cupboard at night
As in memory of our own real Pleasure.

We'd spend our Time like a wealth
Of Goodness too great to cloy,
We'd enjoy Innocence and Health
Knowing not we did indeed Enjoy...
Ah, what bitterest is, is that, - Alone
Now, one feeling in me I trace -
That knowledge of what from us has gone
And of what is left in its place.....

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