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2005-01-28 02:54:42 (UTC)

Ice The Path To Summer

I will not fade into the darkness
Nor listen to our false pretences
Searching for an escape we cannot find
All lost to the circumstances of long ago
As if we are burdened and unforgiving
Another shade of our mind and soul

Cannot our faith be found?
In the midst of summer's cold
Like a blanket of white redemption
Yet we all refuse to face the possibilities
That such can be a sign for new purity
We choose our sight as mere perception
As if we are fearful to believe in our own reflection
That this winter was a blessing

All we've given and all we've received
Still no expectations that can break our fervor
As if our words are mere mirages
Defined in winter's descend and summer's dawn
We cannot bear to trust that all circumstances can fade
New world spring light when the ice melts away

Defined in our time imperfect
You think to push away
Signs of catalysts in play
Yet I still relate to your fragmented flow
In rocky days and a heart engraved
When you find this cycle of ice in thaw
You return to your loving grave
Of all I can say - nothing to make you stay

My beautiful dancer-magi -
With charms like dolphins and cherries
And eyes that hold the heavens in the sky

These winter spells have set my disarray
You praised the perseverance I relay
With white chrysanthemums conjured to daunt my way

All your summers in a distant enclave
Pushing me to think your heart will not save
You press to drain the swimmers against your wave

When falling rainbows carpet the path that frees you from
your cage
Heavens will show the stars that crossed today
Angel will remain divine in heart and mind
Solace saved away in my own sanctum designed

May 2004

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