My Journal
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2005-01-27 23:55:53 (UTC)

My First Journal Entry

Yea!! This is my first journal entry. This isnt a diary to
let you all know, but this is a journal. Im bored so I do
not know if I'm going to continue this but I thought that I
would give it a shot.

Im so happy right now because i get school off for some
teacher's service thing. It is so awesome. I think im going
to head on over to Cleghorns after bball practice. Thats
going to be fun.

Well for those reading and dont know much about me, then
here is some info

Name:Kyle P.
Age: 16
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
nickname: Pollock(Most kids)
Salt-truck Pollock(Ben)
Prince Charming(Stone)
Thats about all I know

YEa talking about Ben I think im going to call him and see
what he is up to. I havent talked to him in awhile. He is
probable my best friend who isnt from church. I miss him.
We need to hang. He is at play practice, no wonder
His mom said he will be home at 930. MAybe ill see him
before my bball practice.

Lately it seems that all my great relationships are growing
farther apart. David and me have seemed to get closer and
talk more but he might be with me at church. He has really
helped me feel comfortable at Lakota. Then there is Stone
who got married so he wont be over bumming anymore. Ben, we
just havent talked. Ryan, I dont know whats going on just
seems like he is stressed. I hope you feel better bud.
Wahl, and especially Wahl. He wants to be spiritual and he
wants to be nice but some people in the Teens just label
him jerk and dont even give him a chance. Really, he is a
god guy and yea might be not nice all the time but tell me
who is perfect? If I was Wahl, I really wouldnt want to be
in the Teens. Finally, there is Willie. Man do I miss that
kid. He was so cool. I just left him a message about the
Super Bowl Service. Hopefully we can hang out some more

For myself: I reall think God is just wanting me to relay
on him instead of my friends. Kari helped me understand
that. I think this going to be some good changes for me in
becoming more like Jesus.

Stone is going to be here any minute so I'm ending on that
This is kinda cool, I might keep this up.


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