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2005-01-27 22:55:14 (UTC)


I'm actually writing something. It has been months I'm sure.

Christmas was awsome. John got me an iPod mini. It's green and oh so cute.

In other news Dave is doing some great things with his house. John and I
were over there just a couple days ago and he was working on doing a base
coat of white over most of the walls. He put some very nice wood flooring his
bedroom and took out those awful mirrored closet doors. Next he is going to
put tile in the master bath. It's not really that big but it is attached to his
small master bedroom.

Dave won a trip to Hawaii for two through his work. I joked that I'd like to go
with him. Too bad there isn't a ticket for John to go too. The two of them on
a vacation together might be a bit much though. They do fine spending a day
or two together but more might be a slight challenge.

So today I am at the library doing my wireless computing. It is nice that it is
finally working. They've had the wireless up for a while but it wasn't available
for totally open use until recently.

I have to share some lyrics with you. One of the things I got for chrismas was
some iTunes money. So I bought two albums. Now Here is Nowhere by The
Secret Machines and America's Sweetheart by Courtney Love.

Sad And Lonely lyrics

From the album Now Here Is Nowhere

did you get your heartache and your head rush confused
have you been sleeping late cause you've been abused
are you alone
does it feel like those around want you to die
are you alive

did you grab your sleeping bag when you hit the floor
have you been feeling bad czuse you've been a bore
oh youre just lonely
and it feels like those around want you to die
but you're alive

was it loneliness that kept you or baby did you think it a curse
were you grateful for the pleasure or baby do you think this is worse

and it feel like those around want you to die
sometimes does it feel like just crying
youre still in love with me and you dont know why

That song is just so interesting. I recommend that everyone run out and buy
the album. On iTunes it comes with 6 bonus tracks and I think the whole
thing was $11. I'm not totally sure about the price. Anyway, it's an amazing

If I get work anytime soon I am planning to get tickets to go see The Secret
Machines play in Seattle next month. It would be so awesome! They are my
new favorite group.

The Courtney Love album is good too. I don't think I would have bought it if
it weren't for me not being able to decide. I kinda wanted the Killers album
and Jet, but since I couldn't decide I didn't get either one. So I got Courtney
Love instead. It's got some good tracks on it. Zeppelin Song is interesting in
a funny way. I keep thinking she's saying "rubber plant" when she is really
saying "Robert Plant." That makes for amusing fun in the car.

Well, it's nearly 3pm so I should head home. The dog is probably thinking
I've totally forgotten about him.

Soon I will be back to post some poetry. I found the most amusing thing I've
ever typed. I think it's called Mrs. Brady don't let your babies grow up to be
porn stars.