The things I would never want the people
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2005-01-27 22:46:00 (UTC)


Well this is the first entry.......EVER!
I am not really sure what a should write, I mean
stories,poems, or just the normal diary type stuff...Johnny
is so hot... i dont know for sure. well...

Just like all thursdays (starting now) i got up early to go
to masters. The stupid people in the slow lane kicked me
out again cuz they say i am too fast. th-b-b-p on them. i
was forced to swim in lane three where the women sharing
with me where kicking my butt to put it nicely.
O i wont be using good grammer, hope that is okay
but any who these ladies act all nice and sweet during warm
up but as soon as the real set comes whoa get out da way
cuz they are coming through
ok it really wasnt that bad but if the pool would have been
short course it would have been just like that i asure you.

then it was off to english to have my essay (which i should
be editing) reviewed by a peer. the topic was the heart and
soul of the city that i was born/raised. well that city is
pee hole arizona and the most substancial thing in the
whole damn place is wal-mart. even thought walmart is the
only place where everyone goes i just didnt have the heart
to allow a shopping center be credited with being the soul
of a city. sorry but i just couldnt do it. so instead i
just proved how it was possible for a city to have multiple
souls. we will see if the teacher excepts me views on the
subject. I dont know.

it has been craping out for the past two days or so and now
it has decided that it will not only rain and slush but
snow as well. It is madness one second you look outsid and
it is raining then slushing. 5 mins later sunny, then
snow. then a blizzard with huge snowflakes that the wind
manages to make look like they are snowing up instead of
down. it is very bizzare.

it will get better cuz tonight my best friend and i are
going to watch the OC, if you dont know what i am talking
about you are missing out. It is a dramatic teen soap,
basically. but my roommate is hooked what can i say.

dinner: there is going to be ice cream, always makes
everything better no mater how bad it was. its true.

Overall today was not to bad, jules had a crapy day and is
in a bad mood. but icecream, the OC, and weekend will make
it better

Dream: non for last night at least that i can remember
slept well for the most part, even though twas hot