MY LIFE.. or something kinda like it
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2005-01-27 22:03:10 (UTC)

sick of being sick

My little girl gave us all a virus. lots of fun!!! not!
Teddy and me were looking at the MySpace.com thing that a
friend sent me and my status was listed as single. i don't
know if she set it as that or if it was just automatic.
it's really not something i am interested in b/c it seems
like it's for people who are trying to meet people.

I'm just not into that anymore. Thank God, i don't have to
deal w/ that dating shit anymore. I'll never have to play
that stupid ass guessing game trying to figure out what a
guy is thinking or feeling. Or wondering if i am wasting my
time on another asshole. I found the sweetest man in the
world!! I got so lucky. I took it for granted in the
beginning. I tried to act like i wasn't sure about him
I was just scared though. Now i'm happy, and i don't show
him that nearly enough.

I never thought i'd find him where i did, but i guess
that's how everyone said it would happen. when you don't
expect it to. He's a year younger than me and he's been
friends w/ my brother for like 6 years. He'd come over all
the time when he had a girlfriend, who was a pshyco bitch
(alisha baker) and i had a boyfriend (pillhead) but it
ended up the right way.

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