Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-27 21:29:23 (UTC)

Down and out but full of hope and love

Dearest Master,

Yesterday when You got home from work You addressed the
issue of the disrespect shown You by this slave the
previous night. Punishment was meted out and the pennance
paid. this slave is very sorry for her actions and will
henceforth await Your expected arrival naked and on her
knees. Thank You Master for Your corrective actions and
for Your forgiveness.

You also addressed another issue with this slave that
concerns her. When You call this slave on the telephone or
when this slave calls You, You say that this slave's
demeanor and attitude are too casual. this slave is in no
way taking Your relationship with her casually. this slave
is very devoted to the Master/slave relationship and wants
it to continue forever. this slave has lived on this earth
for 40 years and habits have been formed. this slave is
not trying to make excuses, and please do not interpret
what she says here as blaming You for what You see as lack
of seriousness on her part. this slave has and always will
look to You for guidance and direction in Your relationship
with her, and when You speak in a casual manner toward her,
she will, without thinking, respond in kind. If it is Your
desire that she speak to You in a more "professional?"
manner, despite how You converse with her, she will make
every effort to do this. this slave doesn't mean to sound
flippant or disrespectful and she hopes that You do not
interpret what she is writing here as such. this slave
just wants to understand what is expected of her.

this slave had another slip again this morning. You asked
her to find out a bit of financial information, and instead
of going right away and finding out the information, she
complained that she didn't think she could get it. You
became upset with this slave, and rightly so. After giving
her verbal guidance and correction, this slave found the
information that was requested in less than 15 minutes.
this slave has always been rather shy, especially about
financial matters, and has always been resistant to ask
these types of questions. this slave realizes the
importance of the question and that it needed to be asked
and answered. she also understands that she was the only
one who could get the answer. she is sorry she did not
respond in a more positive way to begin with and she is
sorry that You had to leave the house on such a sore note.
she has been practicing the words, "Yes, Master. this
slave will do this." she will not defy You or make excuses
as to why she cannot do something. she will seek Your
guidance to get her started if necessary, but she will find
a way to do it, or at least exhaust all possibilites before
telling You it cannot be done.

Last night, You put this slave to bed with her slave
collar, restraints and blind fold. These items are welcome
and enjoyed by Your slave. this slave sleeps well when
they are in place and give her a feeling of comfort and
security. You remove the restraints when You come to bed
so that this slave may service You. Last night this slave
does not believe that she performed well for You. You
mentioned this morning that this slave did not seem to wake
up much for You and that is the truth. this slave did
stroke Your balls while You jacked off, but she knows that
You desired much more and she is sorry she did not fulfill
Your desires.

Today has been a busy day with school and children's
appointments, so this slave's journal seems to be short.
she has not yet had the opportunity to exercise yet either
and it is almost time to fix dinner.

Master, this slave feels uneasy and unsure about things
right now. she knows that You are having concerns about
things as well. this slave does not want You to think that
she is unwilling or unwanting of this Master/slave
relationship. she wants it more than anything and she
wants to prove to You that she can be a good slave. she is
happy and content in her role and is striving to be a
better slave each and every day. she knows she has
forgotten small details and touches that have added up in
Your mind and she is sorry. Professionally this slave has
always been very organized and capable, but domestically,
she cannot seem to get it together at times. she is trying
Master and this slave is willing to learn and be trained.
Please do not give up on her Master. she loves You more
than life itself and wishes more than anything to serve You
as a slave in the manner in which You deserve.

This entry seems a little down, and for that this slave is
very sorry. she is concerned, but she is not sad. she is
happy in her role and desires that You and she continue to
move in a positive direction. this slave loves You more
than You can imagine and will forever and always be Your
loving, loyal and devoted slave,