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2005-01-27 16:05:29 (UTC)


Good afternoon!

Well... what to say? i'm pretty bored! but have lots of work
to do for school! i'm supposed to be doing history homework
which was supposed to be in earlier today, and history
coursework, which i will do, coz it actually counts for
something, and science coursework! lol so lots of fun things!
I miss Richard... i havn't seen him since last nite... lol
thats pathetic... Oh well...
Oh! i went to a party at Nita's house last nite! (Nita is
the boss of a shop called Octopus... me and richard are
always in there and we're kinda mates with everyone in
there, so we got invited to this 'gathering' she was
having!) it was really good! i drunk quite a lot, but didn't
get drunk for some reason! lol... we just basically sat
around, ate, drunk and socialised for hours! it was a nice
change to all the other partys i go to, where there is loads
going on... u drink until u puke, and have nothing to eat
etc, and end up sleeping in someones garden! lol
Errrm... school was very boring today! didn't do anything
constructive really all day!
Alison went home at 10:30 coz she's not well...
Actually today was shit! it really irritated me! not
explaining why... but it did! lol
Well i have to actually do some work now!
tlk 2 u later xxx

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