2005-01-27 15:31:47 (UTC)

worth the struggle, then make it last...

"You know you're in love when at those times you're apart,
you find yourself gazing at the sky in the direction he
lives and feeling some peace in knowing that you live
under the same sky..."

that is tru. if u cant be with the one you care for and
love side by side, u r thankful for u share the same
sky..im such a poet..lol.....
its sad to say that, with the events that have taken and
are taking place, i learned a lot of lessons so far. i
know that i will not repeat the same mistakes again. i
learned from them thats 4 sure. i know that people can
give u advice and not really KNOW wat they are saying cuz
they dont feel, see, think the way u do. they can give u
their opinion but its weird because i know its easier to
SAY THAN EASIER TO DO..its way easy to tell sumone do
this, or do that....but if they were in dat situation i
bet my lucky quarter that they wouldnt act on the advice
they are giving...

my cuzn has been dating this guy for a while now, and he
asked her to be his Girl. shes kinda scared to. i told her
dont listen to wat anyone says, hes ur happiness, no one
people will always have sumthing to say. its easy to avoid
it and not even give it a shot...but is that what ur heart
really wants? if u love him its worth the struggle...u
cant AVOID each and every problem in life..u need to face
it and try to work things ..if hes worth it...u r an adult
now and u cant be running away from every situation tbat
scares u...a real woman handles and fixes her battles. u
cant run away like a little kid--- welcome to the adult
world its ups and downs and part of a Relationship is
knowing how to work thru things, and give and take...

i was talkin to her about that, and its a trip how she
told me the same advice not to long ago.

well, my family told me to tell eddie they said hi. how
does that make me feel? NO COMMENT. me and my mom were
just talkin and i told her about how much i care 4 eddie
she says she knows. they have no idea wats up with me and
eddie. she says she wants to
BBQ at the lake this saturday and for me to invite eddie
so he can see the lake..its really pretty there and
peaceful..the water is sooo blue surrounded bu
mountains,its beautiful... i think he would really like it
cuz hes into scenary just like me. i didnt tell her
anything just said, ok i will tell him mom..i actually
talked to my dad this morning the first thing he said was,
todays thursday u going to SD? hows eddie doing? "si vas,
ay me lo saludas..." he said......i said ok dad, he
said tell him we will see him saturday.