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2005-01-27 14:43:34 (UTC)

Missing my friend

The rule book says that when a relationship ends you have to stay away from
the other person. You have to respect their process and take time to get over
each other. Getting over someone sucks. I miss having her in my life. I miss
calling her in the middle of my day and telling her a funny story about
something at work. I miss asking her what she wants for dinner. I miss
waking up with her warm body next to mine and giving her a kiss in her sleep
while I walk out the door to work. I miss singing funny songs in the car and
discussing life while we sat in the car right outside of the house. I miss her
advice and friendship. I miss my buddy. I miss knowing that even though
she may not understand different things that were happening in my life, she
would listen. I miss her hugs. I know they say that when you truly love
someone you have to let them go. What I'm having a hard time with is when
you really love someone how do you let them go. I honestly want whatever
makes her happy. I think that the timing for us was off. If she can find
someone that fits with her than no matter if it's a week after we break up or 5
years after we break up I'm happy that someone that I love is finding
happiness in her life. When I was talking to a friend the other day she said to
me, "well find some solice in the fact that the woman that she's dating is a
rebound...it won't work out." My knee jerk reaction was, "God I hope not". I
said to my friend that I really hope that she isn't falling for someone that
won't work out. I don't want her to feel that pain again. I just want her to be
happy and I want to be happy. I hope someday we can sing silly songs in the
car again. I hope someday I can call her up and tell her and something funny
in my day. I hope someday I can call her up and listen with a happy heart as
she tells me about someone in her life that is giving her butterflys in her
stomach. I hope that our relationship can survive this time and that someday
we can be buddies again.

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