a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-27 07:27:37 (UTC)


wholy shit and a half..."What the bleep" was seriously
mind blowinggggg...i can honestly say it changed my life
and my perspective on life, and...ahh I just wanna learn
so much!!! I'm giong to see Indigo children on saturday w/
ariell, and then I'm going to see what the bleep again, so
I can get a better understanding of it..but wholy..I
totally suggest to EVERYONE, ANYWHERE, if What The Bleep
Do We Know comes to your town/city/village whatever, WATCH
IT..I guarantee a life time experience all in 2 can't even's quantum
physics,if anybody knows anything about quantum's a movie where you just have to pay
attentino thru out the whole thing becuz it's one thought
to the read a summary goto google and type
in "What the bleep summary" or something and up
on it..amazing movie, anyhoo p'ce out timeeeee