just another day
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2005-01-27 05:15:21 (UTC)


well its pretty late at night over here and its boring
when you have no freinds that live close to you or i mean
that you cant go see i dont have a car and no license so i
cant go for a spin on the town to see all the late night
stuff nor can i go see my girlfreind but taht will all
change soon anyway i dont sleep much i mean i do when im at
home and not at my freinds house like one tiem i didnt
sleep for four days and night it was like summer and we
like to stay up late as charles pulled out the old school
gamming system the n64 so they stayed up and played it
while no one went to bed well they did but i chose not to
they say i fell asleep but i only nodded off a couple of
time i didnt sleep for a full hour not even a half hour so
i made it no matter what they say i wonder what it would be
like to stay up forever i mean not have all the effects of
drozzey ness or felling tired just like a limitless supply
of energy just imagine what we could do lol well im tired
finnaly i can rest goodnight

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