princess coco puffs

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2005-01-27 04:56:07 (UTC)

about boys

i am so stressed with school and exams and shit like
thats.. wow um but there are coolio boys that i totaly want
iwill soon post a hot list for people to see its gonna be
so great..

but ya my cousins friend scott is like the cutest thing
ever omg..... i think i ant to have him....

ohh and then there is colee.
me and cole havehad this on and off relatoiship forr almost
a year now... wow its so stressfull and i meen what am i
suppossed to do he is so hard to deal with even thoug i
total used to like him we are totaly just friends,..... um
ya davids stupid he was my last bf we were together for
almost 5 months.. he was totaly hot... and ya.... but aww i
want him......

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