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2005-01-27 03:33:30 (UTC)

a little pissed, but what can ya do?

i just called dara, to talk and ask her how she was and
seeing what she was doing fri. night b/c its my b-day and
all. well her mom answers, like "oh, shes feeding the baby
right now"
WHAT?!?!?! WTF no one even told me. i guess she had it
monday morning.. geeze i just hung out with her, i thought
she would tell me. what pisses me off even more is leandra
went up there like 3 times to visite and she didnt even
call to tell me. HOW RUDE!!!
well i guess it just shows me where i fall on their list
of friends.. just pisses me off damnit. i've known Dara
since the beginning of high school, she has know lani,
what.. all of one year. grrrrrr.
i hate feeling like the last one to know, the one who just
finds shit out from the grape vine.
on top, i was already a little pissed at how the two of
them always go out to lunch and easton shopping and dont
fuckin invite me, when i was the one who introduced them
to eachother.
what the hell ever, now im in a bad mood, and i dont
suppose anyone will even be around to do shit with me on
fri for my b-day. dara's got the baby (excuseable) leandra
will probably be out with jon's dumb woman beater ass..
well its not like she even really likes me anyway, the
only way i can ever get her to hang out is if she is
already with dara and i have to call dara to find out what
the hell their doing.
nat, who knows she said maybe.. tizzy, havent talked to
her yet, but probably not.
oh well i know i sound bitchy and whiney...
just venting... its good to vent, otherwise i sit on it
and wait and wait till it blows up in my face
All i can say is HOW FUCKIN RUDE!!!
well feeling a little better now...

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