Diary of a Teenage Drama Queen
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2005-01-27 02:45:19 (UTC)

January 26th 2005

Dear C,

Sorry I didn't write much yesterday but it was a li'l
hectic.. I had to babysit and stuff so.. that was
interesting.. nothing more of mention bout that day..

Today I got out of P.E. again to practice for Solo
Ensmeble (a statewide singing and band competition which
I'm involved in) I'm playing my clarinet and singing...
one of three songs.. "Tomorrow" "Beauty And The Beast"
or "In My Own Little Corner" please tell me what you think
I should perform.. maybe I'll even put audio links to my
performance on my website in April after the Competition.

anyways..yesterday my DQMW 5th season arrived.. but maybe
I already said so.. and I watched Hostage in which Jane's
husband James Keach stars as a bad guy.. it was fun! the
rest I'll save to watch with my Mom.. now I'm going to go
write some romance.. more tomorrow.. Yours, Beck

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