beautifuly broken
2005-01-27 02:28:32 (UTC)

"B" is mine now!

sorry i didnt write yesterday. i was sick. i didnt feel
like getting out of bed 2 go 2 da computer. ok well what
was i going to say 2day? oh yeah! i talked to B n he was
like so mad at me! i dont even know why! ok ok i know im
bad but i now have 3 boyfriends! i know thats never going
to get "him" back but ones in ohio, one i never see, and
one is right here with me all the time. S still wants me.
he gets jellous everytime B talks to me. S wont come
around me any more! oh yeah and A is back in town. she got
out of juvie the other day. gosh! now shes going 2 b
around here all da time! god she got so skinny! and B was
like mezmorized when she walked up. i was mad even though
im cheating on him. i kind of get jellous like that! but
w/e!! theres just something thats been on my mind. D and F
like me and they think i still like them, they r trying to
get with me. im so confused cuz they r like not friends
any more cuz they both like me and that they think im
going to pick the other one. IM NOT PICKING EITHER OF
THEM! ive gotten over them! when i liked F he didnt like
me and i moved on and he needs to too! When i liked D he
cheated on me wit K and i hate K shes such a bitch! well
if you havent noticed, i use initals 4 peoples names. i
juss get 2 lazy! lol...oh mi goodness! wow! this is so
messed up. J likes K but K likes M but M likes S but S
likes J!! isnt that weird! lol!! im the gossip corner in
my school newspaper so i do this like ALOT! But im so
happy! B is finally mine! He had 2 break up wit me 4 J and
J didnt even like him! god! J's just a fuckin beotch! well
n e ways i got him back and hes mine to stay...well
until "him" comes back to me or i decide to go wit F or D
which i highly doubt! ok well thats all 4 2day cuz ive
already writen like WAY to much!! lol ok well you know you
love me luv R