What do YOU want?
2005-01-27 00:29:28 (UTC)

Boys Plague Me.

The highlights are fading, THANK GOD!!

In other news...boys are stupid.
Neil won't say who he's going to Turnabout with, or who he
likes. And he's making Keelie oh so very sad, because he
said she was LIKE HIS SISTER. WHAT???? Why would any guy
say that!? It's so terrible to hear that from a guy you
like. I will be very angry if he likes me- i liked him
around Homecoming, so he's about four months too late, plus
Lauren and Keelie would be so irritated with me.

Also on the guy front, I broke up with Bennett in early
December or something, and he still likes me
and wants me to ask him to Turnabout (I heard he's going to
ask me if I don't ask him soon- yikes!). However, this is
not what I want. I broke up with the kid. It's not that I
don't love him and all, but he talked a whole bunch of shit
about me after we broke up, and i do have SOME pride. And
if I ask
him to the dance, he'll get the wrong idea, and then he'll
be heartbroken, and then everyone will hate me. Again.
And because Jill just couldn't keep her mouth closed, Matt
is all excited for Bennett because he thinks that the big
secret I'm not telling him is that I'm going to ask Bennett
to, wrong. Actually, I want to ask MATT but
I can't because he's bennett's best friend. And that would
kill bennett. And Matt would probably say no. Hmmm,
misunderstood, hated, and rejected, all in one easy step.
Where do I sign up?